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Our Story

Becky has 16 years of experience in the skincare industry, is a certified herbalist, and has obtained an RN license in the State of Washington. With this knowledge, Becky incorporates her studies of Eastern and Western  philosophies, to provide the best products for her customers skin, health & wellness.  

After years of planning a dream, testing products, and receiving feedback, Lotus Apothecary launched its online business on 

April 22, 2019. Providing high quality plant based ingredients, Lotus Apothecary formulates products for the consumer, using a holistic approach. 

The mission of Lotus Apothecary is to reach those that share the importance of beauty, health & wellness while helping sustain the Earth. By using natural ingredients, being cruelty free and environmentally responsible, we are not only helping the environment but helping to sustain the circle of life.

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